Maxi Plus - Metal-Wooden Insulated Attic Ladder with Zero Gravity Handrail System - 47 in. x 23.5 in. - Up to 9.18 feet

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• It is delivered in the set of rods
• The ladder is pure white inside and outside
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  • Description

    Metal-Wooden Attic Ladder

    Non-fire-rated product. Please check your local building codes and ordinances before placing the order. 

    This wonderful European attic ladder is a perfect choice for people who value classic design combined with modern solutions. The Steel MAXI PLUS attic ladders are characterized by the best R-value hatch insulation of 8.11 which makes them ideal for people who want to reduce heating costs. The MAXI PLUS attic ladders have been equipped with the Zero Gravity handrail system that makes the attic more accessible, solid two-point metal zip, and double sealing. The hatch with a thickness of 2.25'' and two-point lock are the best features of MAXI products as they guarantee solid closure of the hatch. The high quality of materials used for the production of this model and attention to every detail guarantees the satisfaction of even the most demanding customers. The maximum load of this model is up to 352 lbs.

    Insulated hatch thickness: 2.20 in
    The thickness of thermal insulation: 1.97 in
    Hatch color from both sides: White
    Metal-Wooden ladder: 3 sections
    Height of wooden box: 6.69 in
    Ladder width: 14.6/15.7in
    Step width: 14.1 in
    Step depth: 3.15 in
    Landing space: 59.4 in
    Opening distance/angle: 66.1 in
    Maximum ceiling height 110.2 in

    The dimensions of the ceiling opening must be 3/4″ larger than the outer dimensions of the box.
    This is the default rough opening dimension, if you have 1/2″ clearance and your mounting hole is square you will be able to mount the ladder.

  • Warning Notes

    The ladder installation and use should be in accordance with the manual. Caution! Using the stairs not in accordance with the manual is forbidden, may result in serious injury or death, excludes warranty and results in the lack of the product liability. The manufacturer and seller assume no liability for failure to comply with the applicable law, building law and safety requirements by a product user, architect, fitter or building owner ect.

    Do not use any other screws, bolts and components than the ones provided with the product. If there are parts missing- please contact us. The damaged or incomplete product can not be used until the fault will be rectified. The stairs are designed for internal use and in dry places only.

    Do not install the stairs in rooms where high humidity may occur, e.g. during executing wet construction works. The stairs can not be used as an access road during construction or renovation. Assembling and disassembling springs and arms is possible only when the stair door is fully closed. Caution! It is forbidden to remove screws and dismantle parts from the door surface.

    Do not screw on other places in the door than the ones previously prepared by the manufacturer. Install the stairs in the ceiling with the use of fasteners designed for a particular ceiling type. The fasteners are not provided with the product. Caution! In selected models of the stairs, the parts connecting the ladder with the door (angle brackets) have few holes-the ladder must be screwed into the holes furthest away from the door. The stairs are manufactured with a ladder adjusted to the maximum height of the room therefore it is necessary to cut/ adjust it to the height of your room.

    Do not use the stairs if the room height exceeds the maximum height provided on the label. Using the stairs with the ladder cut/ adjusted improperly is forbidden. When the height of the room is changed, it is necessary to re-cut / adjust the stairs to the new height. After proper installation the stairs must be based on the floor and the ladder elements must form a straight line. Only one person is allowed on the stairs when climbing or going down and only when facing the ladder and holding its sides with both hands.

    Do Not jump on the stairs. Using the stairs by children is not allowed.

    Do not use the stairs while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is recommended to impregnate and varnish the wooden parts. The stairs must not be covered with additional elements e.g. wood panels. All joints may become loose due to their operation therefore it is necessary to review them periodically twice a year and it is necessary to tighten them. Before installation it is necessary to grease movable parts at the arms. During its operation greasing should be repeated regularly. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes and improvements. The maximum load of the stairs can not exceed the capacity of the specific model. That can be found on the model product card. The paint door surface is not supposed to be painted. If there is any additional information- please reach out to our sales team before placing an order.
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