Common questions

What is an extension ladder?

Extension ladder is the ladder divided into parts. Thanks to strong connections, the ladder can be folded and unfolded, which gives more space in the room, it is also a cheap and practical alternative to fixed stairs.

How to raise and lower an extension ladder?

Attaching a bar to each set will help you with this, you can unlock the chest lid. After unlocking the lid dropped a bit, but low enough that I could easily use and pull it down.

Steel Scissor Attic Ladder - The length of the loft ladder is adjustable by adding or removing a step

Wood - Steel attic ladder - The length of the loft ladder is adjustable by cutting the step

How to handle a small folding loft/attic ladder (attic, DIY, ladder)?

We attach a detailed instruction manual to each product in our store, thanks to which you will not make a mistake during assembly. You can also write to us or call us - we will answer your questions.

What are the safety features of attic ladders?

Some ladders have a hatch insulation layer that provides protection against heat loss. Each set also includes long screws and dowels that hold the entire structure in place. When you open the hatch, it slides slowly and gently down a few inches. Therefore, the ladder will not slide down, even if you leave it open with the hatch open. In addition, at the ends of the ladder you will find a rubber support, so you won't scratch the floor.

What is the best attic access ladder for a ten-foot ceiling?

One of the most popular size for 10 foot-ceiling is a ladder named Komfort - Wooden Basic Insulated Attic Ladder - 43 x 23.5 inch - Up to 9.18 feet.

What is a folding ladder?

Folding ladder means that you can easily and quickly hide it under the flap in the ceiling. It is light, much cheaper and faster to install.

What is the best household ladder for people who hate ladders?

Probably the best ladder for you is a metal-scissor attic ladder. Why? Because it has the most modern design, and this will help you to furnish your interior in a fashionable way. Your household will also like it, and perhaps with time you will find out that it is not only an aesthetic solution, but also very economical.

Should I buy an aluminum or a fiberglass ladder?

We highly recommend you an aluminum ladder. The fiberglass ladder seems sturdy but aluminum is more stable. The fiberglass ladder is good for work at height with the power line. Fiberglass does not conduct electricity, while aluminum does.

Where can we find the best ladder that is made of aluminum?

Of course on our website! Just click on the "attic stairs" tab on our store, then select the filters (panel on the left side of the screen) and select the "aluminum" item in "MORE FILTRES".

How often should you inspect a ladder for damage?

It will be safest for you if you check the ladder immediately after receiving it from the store. Then you can quickly replace it with a new one. However, if you've had it for a few years, it's best to check for damages before each use. But do not worry! Our ladders have a detailed specification, including the maximum load. If you follow the manufacturer's instructions, nothing surprising should happen.

How much does it cost to install an attic ladder? 

The costs vary depending on the professional's experience, the scope of his duties, guarantees, and also depend on the amount of premiums and insurance. But most often the price of assembly starts from $ 300 and up. The upper limit is high, but usually professionals will not issue an invoice higher than $ 1200, when you order a ladder with assembly.

What came first, steps or ladders?

Steps! The steps were first. The oldest stairs in the world are located in Austria in the town of Hallstatt in the local salt mine. They are made of wood. I count about 7,000 Latin. And the ladders are a good few thousand years younger.

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Pretty easy install

Basically followed the guide. I attached the outside blocks the the ladder box, then framed the opening to the overall size. The ladder box dropped in place perfectly. Only problem came after reinstalling the stairs. With the stairs mounted in the topmost hole then wouldn’t clear the box frame so I dropped them down to the middle point and all is well.they are a bit long so some trimming to the bottom section is in order. Overall very pleased.

Good quality ladder that was easy to install by myself. Easy to open and close and feels very stable when deployed. Works great, would recommend! 👍

Stallux Termo - Metal-Wooden Basic Insulated Attic Ladder - 43 in. x 27.5 in. - Up to 9.18 feet
Peter MacArthur
Solid ladder

I haven’t installed it yet, but the ladder looks very solid and well made.


Great ladder for small opening. Easy to install.



Received replacement ladder with all parts and full instructions

We waited for contractor to return an install it and it works perfectly now. Customer service is excellent. Thank you

COMP - Extension Step
Brett Cochran

It didn't say the width of it and yours is 2 inches narrower

Great product!

The box & ladder are really great. I don't understand why these pre-made ladders don't have an easier way to extend or shorten the ceiling height ...but, hey, I'll figure-out something or bring it down on a sturdy wood box. But, if it works for your height, its a great product.

East install.

Very easy install. Directions were clear and easy to follow. By myself I had it installed in less that an 2 hours.

Thank you for 5 *! We are glad that another person successfully installed the attic stairs!

Ladder Install

Great ladder....a little stiff in terms of opening and closing, but very well built otherwise!

Thank you for your feedback. It is important to us that the ladder is safe and easy to use. Can you take a picture of your installed ladder? Congratulations on installing our attic ladder and we hope you'll be back soon.

Super Cool Ladder for Tight Spaces

We installed this pull down ladder in a closet with limited floor space clearance. The ladder projects out substantially when pulling down, but the footprint is very efficient once fully deployed - and it's super sturdy and light! Cool design, and way better than the old wooden folding ladders.

It's great that you managed to install it in such a small room. This attic ladder model is very neat and really inconspicuous. But that's what folding ladders to the attic are all about - minimum space, maximum benefits :) Thank you for the technical drawing!

Mini Termo -35.5 in. x 23.5 in. Steel Basic Insulated Attic Ladder - Up to 8.69 feet
Gerald Mailly
Very Nice Product

Fast delivery and easy installation. It is a very well built set of attic stairs. Highly reccomend.

We're so happy to read it :) Thanks for your review. And of course, we invite you to visit us again online in our store! Enjoy your attic ladder and free space!

Nice quality ladder

I was very impressed with how easy this ladder was to put up! It was the only option I could find in the size I needed, so I grabbed it and hoped for the best. It seems to be nice quality, and I love how smooth the steps are- No splinters here! The one thing I would change(if it can even be changed) is how the ladder folds up. The attic ladders I have seen in the past folded up each section opposite of each other, like this: / \ /. This one does not do that. It does something more like this: / \ \ / \. It is a little awkward when you are trying to fold it up, but as I said, maybe that's the only way it would work, because it is so long. Anyway, very happy with the ladder otherwise, and I definitely recommend it!

Thank you for such an extensive review and for the photo. We are sure that our ladder is in good hands. Well installed staircase, congrats!

Btw, nice car!

Pretty good ladder

The ladder itself is very nice. The instructions for the installation of the ladder needs some work. The latch system has to be taken apart to install the twist ring but the instructions didn’t say that in any way.

Thank you for the information and your opinion. We'll take into account your comments regarding the latch system to make this aspect easier for buyers. We encourage you to follow our blog, where you will find issues related to the use of attic ladders :)

Mini Termo -35.5 in. x 23.5 in. Steel Basic Insulated Attic Ladder - Up to 8.69 feet
Perfect Attic ladder

It fits very nicely in a tight space. I use it every day and it's perfect.

Thanks :) We're glad to read your review. Have a nice day :)

Mini Termo - Metal-Wooden Basic Insulated Attic Ladder - 35.5 in. x 27.5 in. - Up to 8.69 feet
Vilma Aguilar

Mini Termo - Metal-Wooden Basic Insulated Attic Ladder - 35.5 in. x 27.5 in. - Up to 8.69 feet

Thank you rof rating us. Have a happy shopping in the future

Stallux Termo - Metal-Wooden Basic Insulated Attic Ladder - 43 in. x 27.5 in. - Up to 9.18 feet
James Edelman
Great ladder, very sturdy,

A high quality unit, easy to install, very sturdy. A good value

We try our best. We are glad that you appreciated the quality of our attic ladders. Recommendations please ;)

Best Attic Ladder in the world

Thes are by far the highest quality and classiest attic steps on the planet. Wish I had found this brand sooner! Worth every penny!!!

We are very pleased that our ladder gave you a lot of satisfaction. Your opinion is very encouraging for us.

We wish you further successful shopping ;)

Fine finished product

Smooth finish , great product for the price . Installation instructi o n are clear and simple. ILL BUY More !!

We are very glad that you are satisfied. Satisfaction with shopping is the most important ;) May this attic ladder serve you for maaany years!

I returned it. Wrong size

Thank you for rating ;) We hope you will return to shop with us in the future

GLOB Wooden Attic Ladder 51" x 21.5" - Up to 9.18 feet
Justin Taylor
Solid attic door

Install was as expected. No real complaints. It’s an insulated attic door at a reasonable price. Shipping was quick and packaging was great.

Thank you for your opinion, we are very pleased when we know that our ladders are in good hands :) We wish you equally successful shopping in the future!