Common questions

What is an extension ladder?

Extension ladder is the ladder divided into parts. Thanks to strong connections, the ladder can be folded and unfolded, which gives more space in the room, it is also a cheap and practical alternative to fixed stairs.

How to raise and lower an extension ladder?

Attaching a bar to each set will help you with this, you can unlock the chest lid. After unlocking the lid dropped a bit, but low enough that I could easily use and pull it down.

Steel Scissor Attic Ladder - The length of the loft ladder is adjustable by adding or removing a step

Wood - Steel attic ladder - The length of the loft ladder is adjustable by cutting the step

How to handle a small folding loft/attic ladder (attic, DIY, ladder)?

We attach a detailed instruction manual to each product in our store, thanks to which you will not make a mistake during assembly. You can also write to us or call us - we will answer your questions.

What are the safety features of attic ladders?

Some ladders have a hatch insulation layer that provides protection against heat loss. Each set also includes long screws and dowels that hold the entire structure in place. When you open the hatch, it slides slowly and gently down a few inches. Therefore, the ladder will not slide down, even if you leave it open with the hatch open. In addition, at the ends of the ladder you will find a rubber support, so you won't scratch the floor.

What is the best attic access ladder for a ten-foot ceiling?

One of the most popular size for 10 foot-ceiling is a ladder named Komfort - Wooden Basic Insulated Attic Ladder - 43 x 23.5 inch - Up to 9.18 feet.

What is a folding ladder?

Folding ladder means that you can easily and quickly hide it under the flap in the ceiling. It is light, much cheaper and faster to install.

What is the best household ladder for people who hate ladders?

Probably the best ladder for you is a metal-scissor attic ladder. Why? Because it has the most modern design, and this will help you to furnish your interior in a fashionable way. Your household will also like it, and perhaps with time you will find out that it is not only an aesthetic solution, but also very economical.

Should I buy an aluminum or a fiberglass ladder?

We highly recommend you an aluminum ladder. The fiberglass ladder seems sturdy but aluminum is more stable. The fiberglass ladder is good for work at height with the power line. Fiberglass does not conduct electricity, while aluminum does.

Where can we find the best ladder that is made of aluminum?

Of course on our website! Just click on the "attic stairs" tab on our store, then select the filters (panel on the left side of the screen) and select the "aluminum" item in "MORE FILTRES".

How often should you inspect a ladder for damage?

It will be safest for you if you check the ladder immediately after receiving it from the store. Then you can quickly replace it with a new one. However, if you've had it for a few years, it's best to check for damages before each use. But do not worry! Our ladders have a detailed specification, including the maximum load. If you follow the manufacturer's instructions, nothing surprising should happen.

How much does it cost to install an attic ladder? 

The costs vary depending on the professional's experience, the scope of his duties, guarantees, and also depend on the amount of premiums and insurance. But most often the price of assembly starts from $ 300 and up. The upper limit is high, but usually professionals will not issue an invoice higher than $ 1200, when you order a ladder with assembly.

What came first, steps or ladders?

Steps! The steps were first. The oldest stairs in the world are located in Austria in the town of Hallstatt in the local salt mine. They are made of wood. I count about 7,000 Latin. And the ladders are a good few thousand years younger.

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Perfect fit

Fast shipping, great product and accurate dimensions

Great, quality equipment

Very happy. Easy install.

Hand rail

Works perfectly with the attic ladder for extra climbing support

Mini Polar - Metal-Wooden Extra Insulated Attic Ladder - 35.5 in. x 19.5 in. - Up to 8.69 feet
Tyler Mangan
Sturdy AF

Incredible ladder. My friend who installed it for me thought so highly of it he is going to get one for his house.

Like custom made

This ladder is exactly what we needed to reach our attic without disturbing the console underneath. The quality is top notch with the wooden steps and the ease of pulling it up and down. We ordered the red handrail for extra support. Only question…why is the latch plastic instead of metal?

Nice ladder

Nice ladder, works well. Instructions were good. Was missing one bolt that I needed to go to the hardware store for,but other than that, perfect.

Accurate title

Ladder was easy to install. Only issue we had was setting spring weight. The instructions were not clear on which one to set.

Was what I needed and worked out well

Very nice

Very nice attic steps. No instructions came with it or that could be found on the website. Finally found a video.

Attic ladders and parts

Great products and service!

Fit Great and has great features

We needed a longer attic ladder length to fit in a shorter space due to prefabbed trusses. The L-ALLE Wooden Attic Ladder worked perfect. Thanks

Ladder purchase

My ladder came in with the plastic cut open and parts missing.

Attic stairs

The ladders are made of good quality materials, the shipping was really fast. I need a few more sets of ladders and I will definitely be buying more from this company.

Shorter than expected

Ladder says 14.5 reach but it was closer to 12. Shipping company they used was terrible. Additionally I submitted an inquiry before I ordered they didn’t respond.

Happy with the ladder.

Only problem I had was that I could never get anyone to answer the phone, I had a couple of questions before I ordered the ladder that I would of liked to talk to someone.

wrong size shipped

You sent 35.5 x 31.5, I ordered 35.5 x 23.5 please contact me for arrangements to send the size I need. [****] Rich Walls

Attic Bliss

Great and smartly constructed attic ladder. I really like the sealed door and latch. The sturdy aluminum ladder is top notch and the wooden box is well made and was easy to install. It fit well between the 24” on center roof trusses. Thanks for a great product.

UNI Metal-Wooden Attic Ladder 31.5" x 27.5"- Up to 8.5 feet

Pretty easy install

Basically followed the guide. I attached the outside blocks the the ladder box, then framed the opening to the overall size. The ladder box dropped in place perfectly. Only problem came after reinstalling the stairs. With the stairs mounted in the topmost hole then wouldn’t clear the box frame so I dropped them down to the middle point and all is well.they are a bit long so some trimming to the bottom section is in order. Overall very pleased.

Aluprofi Extra - Aluminum Attic Ladder - 47 in. x 23.5 in. - Up to 9.18 feet
Charles Lu

Good quality ladder that was easy to install by myself. Easy to open and close and feels very stable when deployed. Works great, would recommend! 👍

Stallux Termo - Metal-Wooden Basic Insulated Attic Ladder - 43 in. x 27.5 in. - Up to 9.18 feet
Peter MacArthur
Solid ladder

I haven’t installed it yet, but the ladder looks very solid and well made.


Great ladder for small opening. Easy to install.