How to Extend Attic Ladder

How to extend the attic ladder?

Can't find an attic ladder that meets your requirements? We have great news for you! If your ceiling is too high to and, despite the many available sizes, seem too short to you, you can install an extension step.

Steel Scissor Attic Ladder - The length of the loft ladder is adjustable by adding or removing a step

Wood - Steel attic ladder - The length of the loft ladder is adjustable by cutting the step

You can add an additional step to increase the height of the ladder and you will get a maximum height of 10 feets! I will only add that ladders without an additional step are suitable for rooms with a maximum height of 9.5 feet

Tools needed to ladder extension

In every apartment, in every house there should be a box or a corner with tools. Even if you have no idea about repairs, screws or bolts. Simply - you can expect anything in life, even if you've never held a wrench in your hand before.

The most popular tools include: a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers and screwdrivers (it's best to have a set with interchangeable tips), adjustable wrenches (!) or measuring tapes (so-called "tape measure").

All you have to do is dismantle the penultimate step of the ladder, and

then attach an additional step between the last and penultimate step. As you can see, anyone can handle eight screws. 

How to get pull down attic ladder with an extension step?

First you need to choose and add to basket Flex Termo Metal Scissor attic ladder. Then go here and add one extra extension step! In our store you will find 3 different sizes of boxes with the most popular sizes. To take advantage of this opportunity, the length of the case must be MINIMIUM 31.5". This means that you can mount an additional piece to any Metal Scissor Ladder we have on the site.

Such an additional step will make it easier for you to climb to the attic. It will also increase comfort and safety. Such extra height will surely make your life easier. It will not change the maximum load, the warranty still applies after purchase.

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