How to replace a Attic Ladder

How to replace drop down attic stairs?

Have you ever stopped and thought that your old attic ladder is not fancy anymore? That it lost that look it had the day you bought it? Maybe it has become nothing, but a clumsy and half-safety part of furnishing. I think it might be just the right time to consider some changes.

First step to replace attic ladder

But what to do next? How to plan next steps, to make sure it leads where it is supposed to? Well, it can be easier than you think. All you need is a bit of time and a few drops of imagination.

I measured the size. What now?

Now you got it. You got the right size, even you managed to get the style you've been dreaming of and you got it in your home. Wonder what to do next? Just take some tools and a free standing ladder and move on to your spot. Jump upstairs and start to disassemble that old, well remembered thing that served you for all these years. 

Remember to take off the ladder and to secure the old ladder box from falling down while taking off all the screws. Also some assistance might be needed. Once you remove all screws holding the frame, you will need to take off securing stuff you used to hold the ladder box. Now you need to be extra careful as there is nothing to hold that box in place. 

Great! You got your old attic ladder removed. It’s time to install a new one. To make it easier and more safe, you need to take off a new ladder from the ladder box .

On step two you need to put back the securing on which you can place your ladder box. After adjustments you can start to screw that box to the ceiling. Now you can remove securings. Last step is to install a new ladder into the box and voilà. 

After replacing a ladder

Now you can sit back and enjoy the job you just got done. While you’re sitting back, you have to remember the most important thing.

Get yourself a treat. You deserve it. Just enjoy the moment and be proud of yourself.

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