New space in the attic

Create new space with attic staircase

Seems like your place getting smaller every year? Like there is not enough space anymore and the garage can’t take more things you don’t want to get rid of? What if I tell you, that there might be one more place at your home where you can keep all of these things?

Just have a look above your head, slightly further than the ceiling. That space just under your roof might be exactly what you’re looking for. But how to get there, if there is no entry? That’s not a problem. You should make one, or if you got it, but too small, then make it larger.

All right, you got the opening. Now you’re in need to get something that will help you get upstairs. And here it comes. Wooden attic ladder. Classic and stylish connector with new space at your home. But don’t install it yet. Don’t let your excitement win. You still have some work to do.

For now use a step ladder. Jump upstairs and think about remodeling of the new area. Probably you’ll need to do some flooring and insulation, but for sure will need some cleaning. Don’t forget about electricity. It’s good to know where you put your holiday decorations.

If you got your space ready, you can start thinking about installing a new attic ladder. Find out how in our next blog post.

New ideas for the attic

What will you use the new, newly renovated space for? The attic can be a great place for a new studio. As long as you install the right windows in it, you can confidently lay out paints, easels and brushes. It would be nice to have access to running water so you don't have to go downstairs so often.

New room in the attic

Or maybe you will just arrange a warehouse for the Christmas tree, Christmas lights and other occasional decorations there? After all, you just installed a stair that can withstand 352 lbs! You will bring there old toys for which you have a fondness, gifts from your mother-in-law and other items that do not necessarily match the decor of your home, but have value - even sentimental.

If you don't have an idea yet, that's okay! With time, you will see how valuable an empty place is, where you can just sit and find peace.

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