How does attic ladder work?

How do attic ladders work?

I assume that if you’re visiting this page, the topic is important for you. So… Have you ever wondered how a folding ladder really works? It's really easy. Our ladders are as safe as possible. If you've already installed your stairs kit according to the instructions, you definitely know what I'm talking about.

Before you start pull it down

Before unfolding the ladder, you should make sure that there are no objects or people (especially children!) near and just below the box that may interfere with the intended activity. If you have chosen the length of the drain well to the height of the room, it should not hang freely from the ceiling. It should rest securely and stably on the floor. No one running under your feet? Now we'll begin.

How to unfold the attic ladder?

First, take the stick included in the kit. This will unlock segments of the ladder. It will already be much lower than before!

How to open hatch and pull down the ladder

Then gently grab the lowest step of the ladder and pull it towards you. The ladder segments are slowly starting to resemble this familiar shape, aren't they? So continue "straightening" until the rubber feet rest firmly on the ground and all hinges are stiffened. Some of our models are equipped with an additional handrail, which ensures comfortable ascent and descent. The handrail is usually red in color.

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Done, it worked. Now you can go to the attic and enjoy your treasures.

How to fold a ladder to the attic?

If you finished rummaging around your space under the roof, it’s time to close the door. Go down and carefully but firmly grasp the lowest segment and start folding. Fortunately, it looks very similar to unfolding.

Remember about the attached wooden rod - you will need it soon! When the ladder is folded, you may not be able to reach the hatch with your hands. You can press it with this wooden stick. You got it! The hatch closed and hid all the hinges and steps. It was very easy, am I right? I hope this simple instruction will help you enjoy your home.

Hatch and Wooden Rod With Plastic Clip

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Velasco incorporated
Velasco incorporated

Looking for a pull down attic ladder to fit 26.5wX68”L X5.5J. And 5.5 rung/step depth aluminum best.

Thanks Santiago

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