Mini Termo - metal wooden attic ladder

Meet Mini Termo - small thing to big projects

Since you've made it all the way here to the specialized areas of the Internet, we've revealed some secrets to you: they're not found in the local stores of such providers. Our store is one of the few in the United States that imports the sizes of ladders from Europe. That's why we know compact loft ladders like nobody else!

Space-saving thanks to the mini thermo

Your home is a place that should be a sanctuary of peace and comfort. Nothing you can influence can prevent you from using it comfortably. Therefore, it is important that every surface is well managed. For maximum space in the hallway, you can dispense with the construction of fixed stairs.

But how to get to the attic without using the traditional stairs? It's really easy! All you have to do is install a compact attic ladder on your ceiling. We have a unique copy in our warehouse. It is a Mini Termo metal wooden attic ladder. They will work best in an already insulated attic, due to the fact that it has a thin layer insulating against the cold. This model is suitable for use in narrow corridors.


Floor protection

The ladder was divided into 4 metal sections, thanks to which the size of the hatch and box could be reduced. No need to worry about the floor. The last section has special anti-slip feet on it. This gives a lot of stability to the whole ladder, but also makes sure that the metal will not scratch your tiles or panels.

The maximum load of this model is up to 352 lbs. That's a lot for such a little one. But this result can be achieved by combining two solid materials: wood and metal. Remember this is for your safety.

To increase your confidence when going up and down, a metal handle has been added to the entire set. This 3 step folding safety ladder with handrail is a solution that works well in smaller houses, single-story bungalows, cottages and even a tree house for children (if you can build one).

Why exactly Mini Termo?

Mini thermo is a ladder that has adequate thermal insulation. The thickness of the insulation layer is 0.79 in, but inulated hatch thickness is1.02 in. Thanks to this, you will protect your home from heat loss. It works perfectly in a house where the attic is insulated. Metal attic ladder looks very gently, but the maximum load is 352 lbs. 

Where did the name "MINI" come from? Because in our offer we also have stairs that have much greater insulation. In the metal Mini Termo model, it is sufficient for an already insulated house.

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